What is Relational Intelligence?

Relational Intelligence

When we have high functioning relationships human beings flourish. We have more energy, more focus, less drama, more joy in our lives and that dynamic mix means we can't help but be productive!

Relational Intelligence includes skills like self-awareness, empathy, understanding the others perspective, emotional and cognitive accuracy, capacity to resonate with another, and managing emotions. Most of us are stronger in some of these areas than others.

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The good news is that relational intelligence can be learned. It is more difficult to raise your IQ, than your relational Intelligence. Relational and emotional competencies mainly involve the circuitry that runs from the emotional centers to the prefrontal lobes. Effective learning for emotional competence rewires these circuits. The rewiring of the circuitry occurs primarily through having self-awareness of relational blind spots, practicing new behaviors, and having a feedback system to support your learning. 

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