Emerging Women Conference

Catalyst for Connection at Conferences.  Are you wanting participants to fully engage one another? We bring participants  together and jump start connections.

Emerging Women Conference

Workshops that Engage. A dynamic mix of self exploration and real time group feedback deepens connection and presence at events.

Emerging Women Conference

Freedom to Share. We create a container that allows people to bring their deeper truth and create authentic expression.

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What is Relational Intelligence?

Relational intelligence is an umbrella term for emotional intelligence, social intelligence, and relational patterns or dynamics between people. Relational intelligence gives people the tools and skills that increase engagement, create dynamic collaboration, and function at high levels of performance.

 Gallup poll research shows that just one strong relationship at work allows employees to be seven times more productive. 
Why is this?

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More Ways to Get Involved


We  offer a unique combination of speaking about the power of relationships, providing empirical evidence, and designing experiences that support the theme and goal of the conference.  Participants get more engaged, less inhibited, and marinate an innovative learning environment.

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Training and Workshops

We offer specialized trainings to businesses, as well as, workshops on relational intelligence. Participants who learn these skills  become  better communicators, are able to listen to other’s prospectives, reduce conflict in their teams,  and have more collaboration in their personal and professional relationships.

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