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Kerena has been in private practice for over 18 years.  She offers therapy, coaching, and consulting for individuals, couples, and business collaborators. Kerena is sought after for her expertise in relational dynamics. She believes that our personal and professional relationships show us precisely where we are being asked to grow, develop, and evolve.

Kerena gives people the skills and tools to take action towards what they most want. Client’s interested in working with Kerena are motivated, committed, willing to be challenged, and engage in practices.

She has clients who work for Apple, Google, LinkedIn, Women’s Business Leadership Forum, and NASA Space Center. Kerena works with a limited number of clients each year both virtually and in-person.

The best way to move forward is to email her directly with your situation, the goals your wanting to achieve, and the support you want at this time. Another way to work with Kerena is to attend her workshops on the east and west coast, find descriptions in the workshop section of her website.

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    Kerena Saltzman

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