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Teaching Relational Intelligence

We teach the foundations of relational intelligence to progressive teams and organizations who seek to build genuine human connections that empowers and engages employees. 


Have you noticed that true, creative collaboration can be a messy process? That feelings get stepped on, relationships get stretched, and often people get angry. The real question is… what do you do when this happens? Do you have the agreements in place to get through these hard times? When we hold on to resentment we distance from each other and relationships loose something critical. Ask us how we can teach you the the skills needed to resolve conflicts and keep the relationships vibrant and alive!

Building Trust

If you want your team to increase productivity through deeper trust and more authentic relationships then a dynamic mix of relational skill building is the key! We provide facilitation and refined listening to uncover hidden communication patterns that are keeping your team from jumping into high performance, then we design a program specifically to meet the needs, and build the skills that will transform the way your team relates to each other.

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Upcoming Workshops

Up Level Your Relationships

Scotts Valley, CA: June 9th-11th, 2017

The quality of presence you bring to relationships affects every aspect of your life. It effects your ability to be present with those you love, to collaborate in business, to reach out to people who you admire and want as mentors and customers, to collaborate in business, and to build a bigger network of authentic connections.  

You will participate in dynamic experiential exercises where you learn to engage in new ways that build emotional intelligence skills and enhance your personal and professional relationships. Our work is informed by the latest studies on neurobiology of relationship and leadership research.

We will provide questions, relational practices, and use an interpersonal practice called “circling.” Circling is an integral practice that is part relational meditation and group process. This practice is present-centered, fun, and reveals how we show up in relationship.

You will come away with a framework that demystifies relationships. You will see your embedded relationship patterns more clearly, become more aware of your relational blind spots, and learn to collaborate with others with ease.

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Omega Institute: Authenticity During Life Transitions

Rhinebeck, NY: July 7th-9th, 2017

This is a workshop for people who are in transition. If you have gone through a divorce, lost someone you love, are thinking about a new job, or feel pulled by a vision of what is possible - this workshop is for you. Transition can be a time to deeply re-align with your values and purpose. In this workshop you will...

-Slow down long enough to listen and get clarity around what is emerging for you.
-Learn how curiosity, empathy, and vulnerability can support you in creating a web of support.
-Walk away with simple but powerful practices that re-connect you to what matters to you most.

You will come away with a greater sense of self-wisdom, an understanding of the stages of transition, and potential next steps personally and professionally.

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Retreat Restore Lead: A women's Leadership Retreat

Esalen Institute: December 1st-3rd, 2017

There is a groundswell in women's lives like never before. We are finding our voices, accessing more power, redefining success on our own terms, and cultivating a nurturing web of female leaders to create something powerful and feminine. The conversation is emergent and unfolding in a networked, global way.

There has never been a time like this in our history…ever. The access to resources and channels for our expression is unprecedented and we are jumping in!

Whether you’re working for an organization, leading a family, starting a business, or managing a team, your leadership involves deciding what matters most to you and designing a life aligned with those values.

This workshop is a weekend for bright and driven women who want to take a breath, get real about what they want most, and explore what it truly means to lead an empowered, authentic life.  You can come away with a clearer vision for what you want, potential next steps in your leadership, and connection to a dynamic community of like-minded women.

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